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What is the Relationship Between ASO and Other Growth Channels

In this blog, we will discuss the relationship between ASO and other growth channels and how to combine ASO and Paid User Acquisition. You can begin to see the relationship between ASO and other growth channels by reviewing the different roles to consider for your ASO team. First of all, you should consider the co-dependent relationship between ASO and paid user acquisition. However, the interdependency between ASO and other organic growth channels is something marketers should also be aware of.

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What is UA vs ASO?

Algorithms for ranking app stores have historically relied on the total number of downloads and worldwide conversion rates and even retention rates as one of its primary factors, ASO managers have been aware for a long time of the impact that paid UA has on their own efforts. However, this relationship is a two-way street, as the costs per install (CPI) for paid UA can be influenced by the Consistency between the first touch point in the store and the messages displayed on an app page and its ratings & reviews. With the growing importance of in-store advertising channels and both Apple and Google appearing to want to add full marketing capabilities to their respective stores, we expect to see the relationship between paid UA and ASO will become even stronger in the years to come. 

ASO and Brand Marketing

Because the vast majority of store search terms are brand names, There is no denying the impact of brand marketing on ASO. This is why an app’s store page should reflect the brand beyond the product. It should reassure brand-focused customers while also revealing its unique selling point (USP) to any store visitors unknown with the brand during this “bottleneck” stage of the user funnel. As a result, the relationship between your brand team and your ASO team must be strong so that your app store page displays best. The application goes beyond product features to meet the specific needs and best practices of each store.

Referral Programs and ASO

While it is typically left in the hands of the product teams, referral programs are seldom expected to relate to ASO. Even so, the relationship between the referral loop and the ASO can be quite strong. As an ASO team, you may be able to identify specific benefits of the app that could make users into product ambassadors. This can be determined through store review or by monitoring the increase in visibility or conversion after changing metadata of the app based on the focus of a referral program. ASO teams may be able to inform and guide teams in designing recommendation loops to take advantage of the latest features released by Apple and Google. 

ASO and Influencer Marketing

Once again, although they seem mostly unrelated, there are opportunities for influencer marketing and partnership to create a synergy with ASO. From arranging messages to using custom pages or working on cross-app promotions that stir up store editors to feature related apps, ASO efforts and partnerships, and influencer marketing can be the beneficiary of close communication and the breaking down of silos between teams. 

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