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What are the Components of App Store Optimization?

Let’s become familiar with the components of App Store Optimization (ASO) What are the building blocks of ASO techniques, in this blog you will learn how to prioritize your own activities. Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with App Store Optimization. In upcoming blogs, we’ll look at specific strategies, but initially, we’re going to build a strong knowledge of the necessary components of ASO. In the following section, we will discuss how to get your app in front of more people inside the store and how to convince them to download an app. 

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What are the Four Building Blocks of ASO?


Improving visibility of your app within the stores is your first goal. You want to get more people to see your app in their discovery process, whether they are looking for a new game to play or a specific app title to download. Typical activities to increase visibility with keyword optimization (KWO), like search ads which is a paid ads network but also affect organic downloads, high ranking in category/country top charts, or getting a feature spot from Google or Apple. 


Once your app is in front of people, you want to convert this increased visibility into actual downloads. By improving assets you can typically improve conversion rate, such as icons, screenshots, videos, and copywriting, as well as high-quality native app localization. Conversion will give feedback into visibility as Apple and Google’s algorithms award apps with higher conversion rates, so it’s a win-win situation.

ASO Tools

Sometimes we all need a little help; as mobile marketing practitioners, We shouldn’t be afraid to use the latest technological tools to get the best results. These third-party tools are very effective for your ASO strategies. Since we are practitioners ourselves, we also know where the app stores are lacking in testing or insight functionalities and therefore recommendations of tools to bridge the gap.

Support Insights

Our focus was on discovery, testing and iteration in the early days of ASO. But our scope has evolved as app discovery in stores has evolved. Today, to avoid blockers and gaps between expectations and results, practitioners must consider rollout and stakeholder alignment. To achieve your app’s maximum ASO potential, these peripheral activities are essential. This fourth vertical is here to help you master things like accurate forecasting, paid and organic marketing team alignment, prioritization, education and more!

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