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All About  App Store Impressions, Product Page Views & Google Play Store Listing Visitors


Impressions are one of the primary metrics to measure the results of your app metadata changes. In detail, impressions show whether your ASO changes give rise to your app ranking for notably more or fewer keywords and whether these rankings are significantly better or worse than the previous ones. 

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The definition of impression by Apple is: “The number of times your app was viewed in the Featured, Categories, Top Charts, and Search sections of the App Store. Includes Product Page Views.” You can break down Impressions by the “Source Type” and filter only for those from Search. Google, on the other hand, does not have an impressions report. 

Note that each time a product page view in the App Store counts as a new impression, which means that someone who clicks through to your product page from a search result will be counted twice towards your total number of impressions. You can monitor “Unique App Store Impressions” So that the numbers do not have a bias. 

Product Page Views (App Store) or Store Listing Visitors (Google Play)

After impressions, these are the secondary visibility metrics and another important mediator or the only mediator in the case of Google Play Store to measure a user’s first interaction with your app and get the user to download the app. 

Product Page Views are defined by Apple App Store as: “The number of times your App Store Product Page was viewed on a device running macOS 10.14.1, iOS 8 or tvOS 9, or later.” and Store Listing Visitors are defined by Google Play Store as: “The number of users that visited your store listing who didn’t already have your app installed on any of their devices.”

Because Google only reports store listing visitors, we can’t measure app impressions on Google Play i.e., “product page views” in App Store terms, instead of search impressions. This means you don’t get the full picture of how many people have actually seen your app in search results, but rather the number of people who have clicked on your listing.


Increasing visibility is significant however it’s not enough to stop once you have reached your target visibility goal—Visibility must be followed by conversion.

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