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Keyword Optimization Tips and Tricks for ASO

Before we look at how to measure the impact of your targeted keywords, we would like to give you a few tips and tricks on how to target even more keywords and drive more searches to your app

Category Names on the App Store

Choosing your primary category should be done with careful consideration and must be the right fit for your application. However, the secondary category is not something that affects the visibility of your store from a perspective and can be chosen with keyword visibility in mind.

Target competitors who haven’t developed an app for iOS or Android

Targeting competitors might have been a good idea. Still, as the search intent would actually be to download your competitor’s branded app, you are unlikely to unlikely to convert those searches into downloads, even if you are into downloads, even if you come second in the results. results. Apple and Google also frown on targeting trademarked or branded names in your metadata. However, the situation is different for competitors or other branded apps that have yet to develop an Android, Android, or iOS app. You may find that targeting these names can help drive significant search traffic.

Paid Bump of Apple Search Ads

Because Apple’s algorithm takes into account the number of of downloads – and download speed – as ranking factors, many wonder if using Apple Search Ads to bid on certain keywords will also improve the organic rankings of those keywords. However, the answer to this question is not so simple. In general, we have seen that there can indeed be small increases in organic keyword rankings when the app increases significantly due to heavy ad spend in the following scenarios:

  1. For keywords where the app already ranks well: We have seen a slight increase in organic rankings for some apps for keywords where the app already ranks in the top 10. Picture has conducted tests to increase the ranking of high-volume top 10 keywords and has found only marginal evidence that Apple Search Ads can influence high-volume, high-ranking keywords.
  2. For very general keywords: Rankings for keywords such as “best games”, “new games” or “popular games” are not affected by the standard keyword algorithm. Instead, rankings for these keywords are very closely related to category rankings. This means that the more downloads an app has (possibly due to heavy advertising spending), the higher it will rank for these keywords.

Image Text Recognition

It is rumoured that Google Play (in particular) recognises the captions used in screenshots and takes them into account when deciding which keywords to rank an app for. There is no hard evidence to support this claim, but as explained in the Visual Word Recognition section, highlighting your app’s main features in screenshots is a great technique to optimise your app’s conversion rate and may also help with keyword visibility.

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